Friday, 6 August 2010

The Woman AW2010

Not only was I extremely excited about waving goodbye to that wretched sale rail at work earlier in the week but also really intrigued to see the new collections coming in. On Monday, we launched 'Pack One' - lots of monochrome, some Parisian styles and then some random bits which I'm still not sure about.

The VM came in yesterday to help us style it and there's so much stuff that I want; some I can get for uniform and some I may just have to save up for.

The new ad campaign for The Woman is also worth checking out. It's so French Connection; simple, sleek, a little polished, feminine, sultry and chic. The stripey dress in the video is also now on the shop floor and is another possible addition to my wish list. I've never been one for looking polished and sleek, but I think I'm slowly starting to adapt to it and appreciating it. Maybe it's time I hid those grubby plimsolls... never.