Wednesday, 20 October 2010

LBD a plenty

I may still be on the hunt for a graduation ball dress but at least I found myself a new piece of work uniform...! This came in a delivery a couple of weeks ago and I finally tried it on on Monday and went to collect it today. It's probably the least expensive dress I've seen in French Connection (£40) but still has those much-loved shoulder pads (seriously, I can't have a dress without them these days) and a really nice, body con shape. It's versatile so I can wear it with heels or just brogues when my feet have had enough come closing time and I'll definitely be using it for nights out.

I also may have purchased a black jersey skirt which goes with absolutely everything...whoops. All of this happened in the half an hour I had to kill before I went off for a meeting with the magazine. I shouldn't be left alone really.

Speaking of the magazine, it's all going really well and I now have my own desk, Mac and leather wheely chair. Ha, you know you're going somewhere when you have a proper chair. Last months issue alongside the student guide that I did a LOT of work for is now out and we're just putting the finishing touches to next months issue and planning a little for the Christmas one. Yikes. Gift guides and festive photo shoots a plenty.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Westwood ring candy

Currently having a serious crave for Vivienne Westwood jewellery. I spent the afternoon drooling over the rings and wondering how I'm ever going to justify spending £100 plus on something I'll probably loose on a silly night out.

If I win the lottery, however, this is what I'd get my mitts on...