Sunday, 7 November 2010

We graduated.

Wednesday marked the end of three very important years of my life. All the days and nights spent stressing, fretting and panicking over deadlines and dissertations were forgotten as myself, the rest of my course and faculty took to Southampton's Guildhall for Graduation.

I won't lie; it was the most nerve-wracking day of my life. I've never felt so panicked about going up on that stage in front of such a lot of people to collect my degree, however, once my turn was taken, I sat back down, felt a huge sense of relief and then, pride. I felt so proud of myself and my friends for all we had done and what we'd been through, not giving up and carrying on to graduate and step into the real world with a degree that we had worked so hard for. Afterwards, my dad told me that he had never felt so proud in his life, which meant more to me than anything else that day. It was amazing.

Myself and some Uni friends stayed down in Southampton from then until today for a few days of partying, catching up and of course, the graduation ball which was last night (Saturday). I finally got a dress which up until seeing photos today, i wasn't majorly keen on. It was nice but nothing amazing, however, I think it did it's job and I think I'll be wearing it on a few nights out, especially leading up to Christmas.

So yes, student life is well and truly over. I've collected my degree and said my final farewells to Southampton and all the wonderful, lovely people I met and bonded with. It's a sad time but I'm excited about my next chapter and keeping in contact with a select few for years to come. Congratulations to all the WFC gang, we got there in the end!